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Wooden blinds – Smart, traditional refinement

Traditional modernity
On the face of it, saying that something is traditionally modern sounds like nonsense. But we really believe that this is what a wooden blind lends to a room. The beautiful traditional look of natural wooden materials, backed up with the graceful simplicity of modern design. If you’re trying to evoke a style that’s all about getting the best out of both the present and the past, look no further.
Less can be so much more
The minimalist nature of wooden blinds is their main attraction. Based in subtlety, depending on how it is used a wooden blind can attract as much attention as you want it to, or fade into the background allowing the eye to effortlessly slide off it and onto other more prominent features of the room. Let us show you how to emphasise and enhance, without needing to exclaim.
Fully adjustable ease
In the realms of the practical, wooden blinds offer incredible, yet easily understood capabilities. Simple pulleys and rods allow you to both raise and lower the blind, as well as adjust the angle of the wooden slats should you wish to admit light but not sight, vice versa or anything in-between. Wooden blinds offer you a solution that truly is for all weathers and seasons.
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