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Curtains in all styles and colours

Curtains for your room
Curtains are possibly the simplest way of admitting or excluding the light that comes in through a window. Two sheets of fabric, hung on a rail that can be slid open or closed as needed. We keep a vast range of materials in stock that are ideal for making curtains that will perfectly suit the aesthetic of your room or rooms.
Make things complete with a pelmet
While a pair of curtains does add gorgeous window dressing, a pelmet is ideal for sealing the deal. This fabric hood covers the curtain rail. Hiding it away behind material that matches the curtains hung below. With the addition of a pelmet, you can turn your windows into an elegant and refined piece of furniture that becomes a real part of the room.
Let us help you
Not sure about where to begin? Our expert staff will be able to offer you as much advice as you might need. If you have a question about style, material, fitting or budget then please do just ask. We can assess the window or windows that you want the curtains for and make suggestions as to the kind of materials that will fit right in.

From the opening curtain to the final 
curtain, let’s get it right for you.

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